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Marvel Universe 

El Toro Rojo


Marvel Universe

Real Name

The Red Bull



Place of Birth

First Appearance
Thor #290 (1979)


Having lived for many years, much like the rest of his race, the Deviants, El Toro Rojo became bored and began a career as a professional wrestler, even though he could easily defeat any human opponent. El Toro Rojo was eventually given a task by Brother Tode to humiliate another wrestler who was part of the race known as the Eternals – a race the Deviants despised. El Toro brutally beat the wrestler known as Vampiro inside the ring but followed Vampiro back to his home where he intended to finish the job. Toro attacked a second time, but this time he was met by Vampiro’s guest, the mighty Thor. El Toro’s superior fighting skill kept Thor away from his hammer long enough for him to transform back into his mortal identity of Doctor Donald Blake, and if not for a timely intervention by Vampiro, Blake would have been killed. Toro left the scene with Blake’s cane thinking Thor had fled but knowing he would be back again to finish his hated enemy. Doctor Blake had other plans and went to the wrestling arena to find El Toro Rojo and his enchanted walking stick. During a match with a human wrestler, El Toro did not notice Donald Blake sneak into the ring and grab hold of his cane, but once the frail man tried to take his cane back, El Toro Rojo attempted to shake Blake off the stick by slamming it into the ground. Unfortunately for Toro, that stunt only served to transform Blake back into the Thunder god, Thor. After some furious fighting in the ring, Toro charged Thor with the hope of goring him on his horns. However, Thor used his hammer, Mjolnir, to break Toro’s horns. This cut Toro’s power in half and he was easily defeated by Thor.

Sometime later, because of his bad attitude, El Toro Rojo became trapped within a Red Bull Totem which in turn trapped him within a young autistic boy’s subconscious. The boy, Tupac Amaru, was able to mentally communicate with El Toro and when he wore the bull totem, the two would switch places. Tupac willingly wore the totem when a group of bandits attacked his village and threatened the lives of his family. Toro emerged and saved the day although nearly killing some of the outlaws. It was at this point that Toro was approached by another of his race, Kro, to join him and his newly formed Delta Force to rescue the Avengers from a group of treacherous Deviants. The Delta Force opposed both Deviant and the Avengers, now under control of the Deviants’ Brain Mines. El Toro Rojo faced both Giant Man and the Black Knight, but before he could fell the Black Knight he unpredictably switched back into the guise of Tupac Amaru. Tupac was saved from decapitation when the Black Knight’s Brain Mine short circuited, and he didn’t swap places again with El Toro Rojo for the duration of the mission. However, Tupac left with Kro and the rest of Delta Force, so it remains to be seen if and when El Toro Rojo will be called back into action.

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