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Marvel Universe 

Elder Gods

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Marvel Universe

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Originally Earth,

The Elder Gods originated on Earth, billions of years ago, as the Earth cooled and craggy rocks thrust above the rough seas, the forming atmosphere crackled with power and energy, which eventually achieved sentience as the Demiurge, the embodiment of the planets life forces. After aligning Earth with the cosmic axis, the Demiurge seeded the world with sparks of his own life force' engendering the first forms of ethereal life, which sprang fully grown from the primeval mud. These beings included Chthon, Gaea, Hyppus, Issus, Oshtur, Set and countless others. The Elder Gods proliferated throughout the globe while the benevolent Oshtur departed to explore the universe. Eventually one of the most powerful of them, Set, consumed another god, the centaurian Hyppus, absorbing his life energy and becoming Earth's first murder as well as initiating his own descent from from god to demon; other Elder gods imitated Set's tactics, leading to massive slaughter. Gaea, who cared for new life forms teeming in Earth's oceans, summoned and mated with the Demiurge, birthing the first new gods, Atum, empowered with the suns blazing power. Atum slew the demonic hordes, absorbing their own forms and energies until he was transformed into the monstrous Demogorge. Chthon and Set (and his spawn) escaped extradimensionally, while only Gaea was allowed to remain. Demogorge then returned to Atum form and merged with the sun. Some of the Elder Gods' offspring the, Elder Spawn, remained or returned.

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