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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Formerly the "Palace of Gods" in an unidentified dimension; Egypt circa 3500 BC

First Appearance
(Behind the scenes) Supernatural Thrillers #7 (1974); (full) Supernatural Thrillers #8 (1974)

Current Members:
Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum

Hydron, Magnum, Zephyr, and their leader Hellfire possesses power over water, earth, air and fire; they can manipulate other energies, notably forming force fields or opening dimensional portals. They were virtually immortal and their origins are unrevealed; they were cast from one universe and traveled to Earth sometime before 3500 BC. Appearing as gods, they ruled a kingdom until they sought to extend their domain to what would become Egypt. Young warrior Dan and wizard Garrett created the Ruby Scarab, which sapped the Elementals of their powers and banished them from Earth. They rebuilt their extradimensional prison into their “Palace of Gods.”

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