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Marvel Universe 

Elixir of the Rock of Etam


Marvel Universe

Last seen in a maximum security prison in Texas



When the violent offender known only as the Deacon was liberated from solitary confinement in a maximum security Texas penitentiary by a prison guard in the service of the rogue angel Zadkiel, he was shown the Ark of Bezalel. Reaching into the Ark, Deacon was first given the Elixir of the Rock of Etam; one sip would grant the strength of the Biblical Samson. It can be presumed he drank the tonic because the Deacon battled toe-to-toe with Ghost Rider (John Blaze). After the Deacon was defeated, the Elixir of the Rock of Etam was never retrieved by Blaze, so it is possible the Deacon still has it in his possession.

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