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Marvel Universe 

Empire State University


Marvel Universe

New York



First Appearance
Amazing Spider-Man #31 (1965)

When Peter Parker graduated from Midtown High School he began attending classes at Empire State University. While there Peter met Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy but his relationship with them got off to a rocky start. With his Aunt May in hospital and his life as Spider-Man constantly distracting him, Peter had been mistakenly labeled a snob by his fellow freshman. Once this misunderstanding had been explained, Peter, Gwen, Harry and Flash Thompson, Peter’s former high-school nemesis, became fast friends. They were soon joined by Mary Jane who, although not a college student herself, would often hang out with Peter and his friends at the Coffee Bean.

Peter’s life as a college student was far from relaxing. As Spider-Man he was forced to stop a student protest from turning into a full scale riot. This distraction was an opportunity for the Kingpin to steal the Lifeline Tablet, which was on display at the university. Harry Osborn was also offered drugs on the campus, which he got quickly addicted to. Peter soon caught up with the dealers and beat them up for selling drugs to his friend. Surprisingly enough it was the staff members at the university that gave Spider-Man his biggest problems. Professor Clifton Shallot mutated himself to become the third Vulture but was force fed the antidote by Spider-Man. However the Professor had already committed murder in his time as the Vulture and was promptly jailed. Former vice chancellor Edward Lansky became the Lightmaster and had hired Tarantula to fake the chancellor’s kidnapping. However his ruse was discovered by Spider-Man and both the Tarantula and the Lightmaster were quickly defeated. However Spider-Man’s biggest problem came in the form of Peter’s very own biochemistry professor, Miles Warren. Shortly after the death of Gwen Stacy the Professor, who had secretly been in love with his student, attempted to clone her. However his assistant, Anthony Serba, discovered what he was planning on doing and the Professor accidentally killed him as a means of keeping him quiet. At that moment the Jackal was born. The Jackal blamed Spider-Man for Gwen’s murder and hired the Punisher to kill him in a bid for vengeance. When that plan failed the Jackal attempted to clone Spider-Man, who he secretly discovered was his own student Peter Parker. The Jackal kidnapped Ned Leeds and made Spider-Man and his clone fight to the death but the Gwen clone eventually made Professor Warren come to his senses. He freed Ned Leeds and was apparently killed in an explosion.

Notable students at the university included Chip Martin otherwise known as the Schizoid Man and Hector Ayala who was secretly the superhero the White Tiger. However Hector was forced to come clean about his identity on live television after the Lightmaster kidnapped him, believing he was Spider-Man at the time. After his graduation Peter went on to continue with his post graduate studies. Although he never finished these, Peter did attempt to return but again was unsuccessful. Mary Jane also attended classes at ESU studying psychology but dropped out as soon as her modelling contract was renewed.

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