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Marvel Universe 

Encounter with the Avengers

Soon after traveling back in time to save her future, Lyra was confronted by the Avengers. Captain Marvel faced Lyra in solo combat and narrowly defeated her, allowing her to be taken prisoner. She-Hulk went to save her and set off the alarms at Stark Tower, Lyra's artificial intelligence device, Boudicca, overrode Lyra's restraints, freeing her. She came face-to-face with Norman Osborn who demanded an explanation as to why she wanted to kill him, but Lyra revealed she wasn't there for his death. She was there to procreate with him, but just as soon as the mood hit her, Lyra quickly passed on the notion she could ever have such a union with a man like Osborn. He may be regarded as a hero in her time, but Lyra knows it was because of him that her time is in the state it's in.

Lyra explained how Osborn would abuse his power to harvest genetic material of registered super humans and sell them to the public through a corporation he heads. The resulting mass proliferation of super powers would destroy the world within a century of their introduction. Lyra came to the realization that the pointless war in her time wasn't worth saving, and she abandoned her mission with the intention of staying in the past. Boudicca, despite the apparent treason by Lyra, chose to remain by her master's side. Unfortunately, Osborn's Avengers had been given orders to recapture them. Lyra relished the thought of combat and triggered her Autotrance, making her capable of easily defeating Ares, Wolverine, Hawkeye and Venom, before Ms. Marvel overloaded her with gamma rays. The Avengers regrouped for a second attack, but the arrival of She-Hulk gave them enough pause for A.R.M.O.R. to teleport both women to safety.