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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus #1 (2007)

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Physical Description
Other than Stardust, the Ethereals are ghostly looking entities

Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus #1

At the beginning of time when the universe was created, some cosmic particles broke down into conventional forms of matter and some did not. The particles that did not break down remained in furious, agitated, incoherent motion. Eventually these particles created a world which was a noncorporeal civilization. The culture and the people were as one. Always changing, the world would constantly evolve into more challenging forms. The Ethereals believed in the Fundamental Forces. These forces are the Strong Force which binds quarks into atoms, the Electro-Magnetic Force which shapes the atoms into matter, Gravity which pulls the atoms together, and the Weak Force which makes them burn.

When the Annihilation Wave cut its path of destruction across the universe, the Ethereals were not shown any mercy either. The Ethereal civilization was destroyed with only fifty three entities able to escape death. This group, which formed a protective grouping called a Strangepac, intercepted Stardust as he was on his way to find his former master, Galactus. Three of the Ethereals, Hadria, J/Psi and Tau, confronted Stardust and told him he must answer for crimes against his people for not being there to help against Annihilus. The Etherals attacked, but Stardust used the power cosmic to reduce them to cosmic ash. Stardust then drew his people into his body and decided they would serve as his conscience. Finally, Stardust found Galactus and was asked to prove his loyalty in order to become herald once more. The entities residing within Stardust screamed for mercy as they knew what he was planning to do. Unfortunately, Stardust ignored their pleas and sacrificed them to his former master so that Galactus may replenish some of his energies. The Ethereals are no more, but Stardust tells himself that perhaps they live on, in some way, inside of his master.

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