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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name
Dargin Bokk

None known

The general inhabitants of Earth were unaware of Evilhawk's existence.

Planet Luq (location unrevealed)

Place of Birth
Planet Luq

First Appearance
Darkhawk #20 (1992)

Darkhawk #25 (1993)

Years ago, the extraterrestrial crime-lord Dargin Bokk sought the means to create an army of expendable agents which he would sell to the highest bidder. He gathered the most knowledgeable scientists in the known universe to begin work on his project. Through coercion, he recruited: Mondu, inventor of technology that could transfer a humanoid’s consciousness into a storage facility. Mandeja, inventor of transportation technology that could replace one being with another; Byron, human inventor of androids with built-in weapons; Graczia, inventor of telepathic devices; ; Kig, who had mastered a techno-virus; and Ocsh, discoverer of a dimension dubbed “Null Space.”

The six scientists were sent to Null Space aboard Bokk’s vessel to begin their work, and they fashioned five powerful android bodies which a humanoid mind could inhabit without risking their real self, exchanging places via an amulet. The scientists all chose to rebel against Bokk before their work could wreak havoc on the universe, and they inhabited the five androids to overthrow Bokk’s crew. During the fight, Bokk damaged, Mandeja’s android, forcing her to return to her real body to initiate repairs; he then murdered Mandeja and claimed her amulet. Bokk attacked the scientists and the resulting battle caused massive damage to the ship, nearly scuttling it. Almost everyone aboard was slain, including the bodies kept in stasis. As Bokk fled the vessel, Ocsh attempted to return to his normal form, but was killed in transit; his consciousness merged with the vessel, and he found his mind was in complete control of the ship, his amulet held within the ships circuitry. While Ocsh tried to save the vessel, Byron and Mondu rigged equipment to transfer their consciousnesses to Earth, Byron’s homeworld.

When Dargin Bokk came to Earth, he called himself Evilhawk. In battle with Evilhawk,Darkhawk's android body was completely destroyed, with only the amulet remaining. In Null Space, Ocsh woke Chris from his stasis field field and revealed the origin of the Drkhawk armors to him, Evilhawk returned to Null Space and attempted to claim Chris' amulet for himself, but while trying to draw his power into him, Chris became Darkhawk again and destroyed the Evilhawk. Ocsh prevented Bokk's consciousness from activating a new android body, leaving Bokk's consciousness on the psychic plane in search of an android body for himself.

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