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Marvel Universe 

Executive Elite


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Mobile in "the Edsel"

First Appearance
(Bashur as Commcast) Deadpool: The Circle Chase #2 (1993); (Makeshift & Rive) Deadpool: The Circle Chase #3 (1993); (Bashur as Black Box) Cable & Deadpool #15 (2005)

Current Members:

The Executive Elite was a mercenary organization formed by mutant cyberpath Garabed Bushur. The members of the organization were Bashur as Commcast, blade artist Rive, who wielded an energy sword and wore wrist-mounted spikes, and the last member of the group was, techno-construct assembler Makeshift, who could rapidly create technology advanced weapons. With his knowledge of cloning Bashur made copies of himself and his teammates, but a problem with the process ultimately prevented further duplication, leaving him one last ancillary body. When Nyko Halfghanaghan sought revenge for the apparent murder of his brother Pico, he tasked the Courier (Jacob Gavin Jr.) with hiring the Executive Elite to eliminate the three main suspects on his list; mercenary Deadpool (Wade Wilson), mutant soldier Cable (Nathan Summers), and mutant shape-shifter Copycat (Vanessa Carlysle). As payment, they were offered information on the will of arms dealer Tolliver (Tyler Dayspring), which was to lead to a hidden cache of advanced technology. Realizing that they needed the information that the Elite had, Deadpool and his associate Weasel (Jack Hammer) lured the Elite into the open by making Deadpool a target; clones of Bashur and his teammates ambushed Deadpool in Sarajevo, where Deadpool was rendered unconscious with a strong electrical charge. They took Deadpool to their mobile base known as "the Edsel," where they sought to learn more about Tolliver's will by using a device to tap into Deadpool's memories; however, Weasel rescued him. Bashur sought to escape, but was killed by Weasel while Deadpool killed Rive and Makeshift; Deadpool and Weasel gained the information they sought.

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