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Marvel Universe 

Faceless Ones


Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Tales to Astonish #72 (1965)

Home World
Earth, in a realm below an undersea mountain on the outskirts of Northern Atlantis

Technology Level
They were a primitive society who had no use for technology


The Faceless Ones, a.k.a Those Who Dwell Below and the Demons of the Deep, are an underwater green-skinned race with pointed ears, webbed hands and feet, vestigial wings, and no facial features. Averaging 3' tall and 90 Ibs., they are savage, relentless fighters who wear down opponents through sheer force of numbers; some carry stone pikes and clubs. During one of Prince Namor's absences, the throne of Atlantis was usurped by Warlord Krang, forcing the Sub-Mariner to undergo a quest for King Neptune's trident which prophecy stated would be found by the rightful heir to the Kingdom. With Namor away, Krang proposed to make the Lady Dorma his queen but, when spurned, encased her in a transparent bubble-like plastic-cage and banished her to the world of the Faceless Ones. Learning of Dorma's fate from the thoughts of passing fish and, later, giant eels, Namor broke off his quest in order to save her, traveling to the Faceless Ones' realm and fighting a hopeless battle against their near-numberless hordes even as the Faceless Ones broke through Dorma's plastic-cage, attacking her. With Namor and Dorma surrounded, the spirit of Father Neptune intervened and declared Namor worthy of the throne because of his willingness to forsake the quest for love. One Faceless One presented Namor with Neptune's trident as the rest disappeared. Namor went on to regain his throne from Krang.

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