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Marvel Universe 

Fall of the Hammer


Marvel 2099 (Earth-928)

Key Characters
Spider-Man (2099), Ravage (2099), X-Men (2099), Doom (2099), Punisher 2099 (Jake Gallows), Aesir (2099), Avatarr (2099)


When Avatarr created the group known as the Aesir, in order to combat the increasing surge of vigilante heroes, he also created a floating city called Valhalla to house them. But the man-beast Ravage and Jordan Boone both investigated the city, though Ravage found a disturbing weakness in its anti-gravity drives. Boone, however, was more interested in becoming superhuman to keep up with his long-time friend, Meanstreak. So while Ravage teamed up with Doom and the X-Men, Boone tricked his way into the Aesir program and encouraged them to make him into 2099's Loki.

After the new X-Men and Doom fought with the Aesir, killing Heimdall with the help of Loki, Doom faced off against 2099's Thor. They fought until an explosion ripped the pair apart, and each regrouped separately. While Thor was reminded of his mortality by his master, Avatarr, Doom joined a group consisting of 2099's Spider-Man, Punisher, and Ravage to bring the city under control before its faulty engines caused it to collapse onto New York. Meanwhile, the X-Men themselves helped the workers on the floating city to safety. Eventually, after the Punisher used Thor's recognition of him as Jake Gallows, the team of 30th Century heroes flung Thor's own hammer into Valhalla's works, stabilizing the engines.

In the aftermath, Doom took control of Valhalla and claimed it as a new providence of Latveria. The majority of the Aesir were killed in conflict, with only Loki (later becoming Halloween Jack) and Hela surviving.

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