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Marvel Universe 

Fire People (Earth-93060)


Ultraverse (Earth-93060)

First Appearance
Ultraforce #0 (1994)

Home World

Technology Level
The Fire People have very advanced alien technology. They created a form of nano-technology that later became known as the Wetware-Virus. This creation is responsible for the the transformation of the young Ultra hero group the Freex.


Physical Description
The Fire People are grayish color humanoid beings, form the center of the planet. They are immune to various forms of radiation and have no need for air to breathe. They are not affected by the sunlight.

The Fire People are a primeval hominid genus which flourished alongside Homo Sapiens. They developed advanced scientific devices such as molecular nanotechnology and understood the physics behind anti-gravity long before humans invented writing or the wheel. The Fire person named Prometheus was born with superhuman powers, which used to create their biological breakthrough the machinery that would create the nanotech designed to share his genetic gifts with those he found worthy.

An immortal Human who would later call himself Rex Mundi (King of the World) had long-term plans to conquer and rule the Earth. To do so he had to remove the treat of the highly advanced and powerful Fire People. He stirred up the primitive humans to attack the Fire People, forcing the remaining survivors into the underground caverns beneath the Earth.

Prometheus, survived the assault, and dreamed of his people returning to their proper place among the surface of the planet. Toward his end, he used his own genes, and those of the few other super-powered Fire People, to create the wetware/nano-technology that could be used to produce champions to someday lead his people to freedom.

Millennia passed, while seclusion and inbreeding decimated the Fire People to the point, which their culture changed. Most of them had become dispirited and no longer believed in the old legends of a Air World, many of them were starting to be born with strange disfigured bodies. These individuals had come to be known as the Monsters of the Fire People. The vast technology of their ancestors was either abandoned or forgotten.

There were a select few that maintained belief in the Air World and the legend of their people someday returning as champions. A few managed to secretly contact surface dwellers, thus creating a secret society of humans and smuggling out to them the wetware-virus invented by Prometheus. This wetware-virus would be used by a nurse to empower a group of newborn human infants. These children would grow up to form the Freex, and the nurse would become the mysterious Contrary.

The entire society of the Fire People changed when Atalon discovered the surface world and tried to take it back. After the great struggle against UltraForce, the Fire People now had their own land, and once more all had the opportunity to see the sky.

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