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Marvel Universe 

Folding Castle


Marvel Universe

Various places thought the world.

Baron Helmut Zemo


Points of Interest
Folding Castle Detention Quadrant, Training ground quadrant

Portals to any location thought the world.

First Appearance
New Thunderbolts #17/Thunderbolts #98 (2006)

Baron Helmut Zemo used his moonstone gems to created openings in space. Taking patches of real places from Earth, Zemo connected them all together to form a Folding Castle in order to make the perfect headquarters for the Thunderbolts. Each quadrant was created specifically for an individual, complete with access to anywhere on Earth through the use of a portal.

Zemo bought the Wisconsin farm that Atlas and Smuggler grew up on and made this their quadrant within the castle. Songbird and Joystick each have their own apartments located in Manhattan, Fixer has a laboratory located in New York, while Radioactive Man’s is based in China. Swordsman’s quadrant seems to be at an unknown location, however it is outfitted with a Hydra symbol to remind him of why he joined the Thunderbolts. The location of Blizzard and MACH-IV’s quadrants have yet to be disclosed.

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