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Marvel Universe 

Folding Castle Detention Quadrant

Folding Castle Detention Quadrant


Marvel Universe

Baron Helmut Zemo’s Folding Castle

Baron Helmut Zemo and Fixer


Containment braces which causes inmates to remain unconscious in order to indoctrinate them with impulse stimulation through R.E.M. cycle visions.

First Appearance
Thunderbolts #103 (2006)

Baron Helmut Zemo found out about an upcoming global threat from the Grandmaster through the use of his moonstone gems. In order to fight Grandmaster and his Squadron Sinister, Zemo built a Detention Quadrant in the Thunderbolts Folding Castle base to hold an army of possible super-villain recruits. He had Fixer build containment braces which causes inmates to remain unconscious in order to show them what it means to be a Thunderbolt with impulse stimulation while dreaming.

When the Superhuman Registration Act became law, the Commission on Superhuman Activities contacted the Thunderbolts to help capture super-villains and persuade them to join the pro-registration side. Unknown to the CSA, the Thunderbolts had already started capturing super-villains three weeks prior in order to build an army against Grandmaster.

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