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Marvel Universe 

Fury, Nick (Earth-311)


Marvel 1602 (Earth-311)

Real Name
Nicholas Fury


No dual identity


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Marvel 1602 #1

In 1602, Nicholas Fury was the assistant to, and personal servant of, Queen Elizabeth I of England. Fury was the master of her spy network and of his own assassins and spies. While he was grooming a young Peter Parquagh for his position, the Queen called him to her side to discuss with him and the court physician-as well as its secret magician-Doctor Stephen Strange. Elizabeth was concerned about the bizarre, worldwide weather patterns that had begun to develop. Strange told her that it was possible that the world was coming to an end, but he couldn’t say for sure; though Fury disagreed. Dr. Strange also explained that a weapon of great power had been entrusted to him to guard, and an old man was taking it to England at that very moment. The Queen agreed to safeguard it, then ordered Fury to ensure its safety.

Fury took his protégé Peter and hired the blind mercenary Matthew Murdoch, who charged a reasonably high price for his efficiency, to secure the weapon. On the way back, an assassin attacked Fury and Peter, whom Fury quickly subdued and captured to be interrogated. Fury then traveled to Carlos Javier’s witchbreed school and warned him that the Queen, who tolerated his existence, would soon be dead; and King James of Scotland would soon take her place, and would not be so kind to Javier’s students.

He returned to England in time to miss the assassination attempt on Virginia Dare, and arrived shortly after Dr. Strange had coaxed her out of her transformation into a giant griffin, still unaware of her powers. Fury later questioned the first assassin after challenging him to defeat Fury while the prisoner had a sword, and Fury was unarmed. After a quick scuffle, Fury overpowered him with his bare hands and forced him to reveal his master. The assassin told him that Count Otto von Doom had ordered it, but Fury left the interrogation cell too late to stop a second assassination attempt, this time a successful one against the Queen herself.

Embarrassed, Fury turned to the new ruler, King James, and offered him his services. James sent him to Javier’s school to either take them in or destroy them, officially blaming them for the Queen’s death. Fury agreed, but sent Peter ahead to warn them to go quietly. Strange appeared while Fury traveled with a small army to the school, and warned him that James would not tolerate Fury for long, but he ignored the astral projection’s words. Fury’s army soon approached the school, and as he had suggested, Javier went easily. Later, Dr. Strange called a meeting of Fury, Javier, and himself, and explained that the world was going to end, and the only way to save it would be to travel to Latveria and rescue Donal’s staff and the imprisoned four of the Fantastick, believed dead. Fury was hesitant at first, not believing that his friend Richard Reed was still alive, but Javier used his powers to reveal that Strange was telling the truth. Fury was forced to agree, and traveled on a flying ship with Javier’s witchbreed to attack the Castle of Count von Doom.

The battle against Doom went badly at first, until Donal managed to escape with the assistance of the Fantastick’s Captain Benjamin. Donal transformed into the Thunder God, Thor, creating a storm that allowed Javier’s student Robert to use his ice powers to stop Doom’s cannons. Thor’s storm also encouraged Doom to use a flashy golden sphere that Donal had given to him instead of the staff, but it exploded in his face, scarring Doom and bringing him to the brink of death. Then, together with a collection of heroes, Fury traveled to the New World to fix their world’s oncoming destruction.

Fury joined a group discussion, led by the severed head of his dead ally, Dr. Strange, who verified that the world was coming to an end: due to a time-visitor that had torn a hole in the fabric of the universe. In order to fix it, the group needed to return the Indian Rojhaz (actually the future’s Captain America) back to his time. Fury soon hunted down and killed a boat full of people who had traveled to the Roanoke Colony to kill him, and left Peter alive. He turned his back on his former student, offering him life, but Peter snuck away instead. Then Fury was charged with bringing Rojhaz back to help them, and he tricked him by gaining his trust based on the Fury that Captain America knew in the future. But Fury brought him back, and traveled along with him into the time rip, fixing his own universe, but disappearing into the rift shortly before it healed.

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