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Marvel Universe 

Galacian Wall


Marvel Universe

In orbit around the Keystone Quadrant

Unrevealed individuals of an ancient race

Citizens of Halfworld

The Galacian Wall was built by an ancient civilization of humans in order to protect the unfortunates of their society. The mentally challenged Loonies were put on Halfworld to live out their days in peace and harmony along with the robots and animals that shared the world with them. The humans that put them there meant to keep them safe by allowing no one into their new home as well as shutting the Loonies in, unable to travel to other worlds. Even though the Galacian Wall was supposed to be an impenetrable force-field, only one being has managed to break the barrier. That individual was the incredible Hulk. After the devastating Toy War, the robots which shared Halfworld with the Loonies, found a way to turn off the force-field, so they may leave the planet along with some of the intelligent animal life like Rocket Raccoon.
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Close up of the Galacian Wall

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