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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Formerly somewhere in the Tayo star system

possibly the Big Bang


Points of Interest
There were three main city-states on the planet: City Terrafort, City Durth and City Fractas

First Appearance
Son of Hulk #13 (2009)

Once a planet more savage than Sakaar, Giausar was ravaged by natural disasters and only the strongest of its inhabitants could survive. The Shadow People would arrive and bring stability, technology and the Old Power which enabled them to quell the world's taste for destruction. The natives learned how to master the Old Power and beasts were implanted with Obedience Disks to soothe their fierce temperaments. Over time three major city-states would emerge and even though the clans who ruled them were difficult personalities, they have not warred in centuries. This was the first and best success of the Shadow People and the natives of Giausar protected their peace like no other race has done before. They guarded their secrets well and allowed no outsiders to ruin their paradise. That would all change the day Hiro-Kala came to their world.

After Galactus destroyed Sakaar, Hiro-Kala and a handful of his people managed to escape his home world and retreated to Giausar. Two massive armies converged on their stone ship where they found what appeared to be a frail boy demanding their surrender. When they refused to comply war broke out, but as Hiro-Kala used more of the Old Power against his foes, Giausar began to destabilize. The planet was on the verge of collapse, something the Shadow People knew could happen when they first infused the planet ten thousand years prior. Hiro-Kala had planned it to be this way, for with the Old Power released into the cosmos, he knew Galactus would come. Hiro-Kala pretended to offer Giausar to him as tribute, but when Galactus began to feed, Hiro-Kala changed the Old Power into a new creation – one combined with the Power Cosmic – and this new power was enough to poison the mighty Galactus. Giausar was destroyed that day, but because of its sacrifice, the entire universe was possibly saved.

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