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Marvel Universe 

Gideon's Bible


Marvel Universe

Formerly Halfworld



Named after the starship Gideon and written by the first people to ever set foot in the Keystone Quadrant, Gideon's Bible was thought to hold the origin of the humans inhabiting Halfworld. At first, no one was able to decipher the language it was written in except for Uncle Pyko. The book was stolen several times by Pyko while he was in the employ of Judson Jakes, but Rocket Raccoon wouldn't let it go so easily. Finally, amidst a toy war between Jakes and Lord Dyvyne, Rocket and Pyko surmised the book held the key to curing the mentally deranged humans on the planet, so they sacrificed the book to the device-building robots, and the Wonder Toy was created. It initially seemed insignificant, but this new invention actually cured the Loonies, enabling them to live normal lives.

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