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Marvel Universe 



base of operations

The area where an individual or team is most often is active. This can be as specific as New York's Hell's Kitchen to Southwestern United States to nationwide, worldwide, and even universe-wide or reality-wide.

Big Bang

The explosion of a primal mass which creates a universe.


Pertaining to life or its functions.


Electricity generated naturally by a living being.


Energy generated by a living being through motion.


Of or having to do with an artificial simulation of a living thing or, more usually, of part of a living thing. A cyborg possesses certain bionic limbs or organs. An android's body is entirely bionic.

See android, cyborg, and compare with prosthetic.


(1) The part of the world in which living beings can exist.

(2) All of the living beings of a world.

Black Air

A secret branch of British Intelligence.

See separate profile.

black magic

Magic that is supposed to invoke evil spirits.


The X-Men's aircraft. Orignally, it was an SR-71 Blackbird built by Lockheed Aerospace, with room for 14 passengers and a top speed of Mach 3. After the original X-Men returned to the team, Forge designed a new Blackbird with a forward-swept wing design, a cloaking device, electronic counter-measures and other hi-tech features. This version was confiscated by Bastion during Operation: Zero Tolerance, and the X-Men have since returned to using the original Blackbird, which had been hidden in the lake on their mansion property.

Blue Area of The Moon

An area on the moon a few miles wide with an Earth-normal atmosphere. The Blue Area was the second home of the Inhumans and was the site of the X-Men's battle against the Shi'ar Imperial Guard for the life of Phoenix. It is also the home of Uatu The Watcher.

body control

Body control describes the ability to reshape one´s body form (f.e. Big Bertha, Flatman, Mr. Fantastic, Shape, Volkh).


The way of the warrior. The traditional code of the Japanese samurai, stressing honor, self-discipline, bravery, and simple living.

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