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Carrion Virus

The Carrion Virus; was a serum created by professor Miles Warren to further mutate the New Men, which were evolved animals whom the High Evolutionary had given humanoid form and features. The serum turned them into living corpses or virtually walking dead. Those that were affected by this virus in the Marvel Universe are: Helix, Malcolm McBride, Miles Warren (clone), Dr. William Allen and Shriek.

Cape Killers

SHIELD formed an unique team of operatives, given the specific assignment of apprehending those superhumans that refused to register with the United States Government, they were known as (Anti-)Superhuman Restraint Unit, but more commonly referred to as the Cape-Killers.


A race of gigantic cosmic beings with god-like powers.

See separate profile.


A highly advanced computer system whose sole purpose is to locate mutants across the globe by their unique brainwaves.

See Cerebra and Cerebro.


The ability to perceive events beyond the reach of the five physical senses. The term is often used in a narrower sense as a synonym for precognition.

Compare with ESP and precognition.


A living being created from the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) of another living being. Since the DNA molecules within any cell of a living organism contains the cellular template for the entire organism, another whole organism can be grown from a single cell. A clone is always identical to its parent organism, except with regard to differences that might accumulate in the course of living, like scars. Normally, a clone is also younger than the parent organism. It is possible to speed up the growth of a clone, though. The science of cloning is practiced by exceedingly few genetics engineers on Earth today.


Of a scale beyond that which is normal on Earth.

cosmic awareness

Enhanced consciousness enabling a sentient being the sensation of oneness with the universe. This enhanced consciousness enables a mind to perceive information that is closed to the physical senses.

Cosmic Cube

An object created by A.I.M. to contain a powerful reality-changing energy-being.

See separate profile.

cosmic power

Energy derived from non-Earthly sources that the technologies of most sentient race cannot tap, and that is on a scale far beyond what most Earthly technology can tap or generate. Cosmic power is possessed by such entities as Galactus, the Silver Surfer and other Heralds of Galactus, and the Elders of the Universe such as the Grandmaster. Also referred to as the Power Cosmic.

cosmic radiation

Streams of atomic nuclei bombarding Earth and other planets from outer space.

costumed athlete

An identity given to any costumed adventurer who has no enhanced abilities or super-powers, such as Night Thrasher or the Punisher.

Crimson Dawn

A magical source of energy which exists in another dimension. It is said to be the lifeblood of the world, although it has a shadowy aspect. When Psylocke was critically injured, Archangel, Wolverine, Gomurr, and Doctor Strange journeyed into the Crimson Dawn to find a remedy to heal her. Later, the Dawn was usurped from its proctor, Tar, by Kuragari, who tried to turn Psylocke into his bride. He was defeated by Angel and Psylocke, and the Dawn was turned over to Gomurr.


The comparative study of automatic control and communications systems, whether biological (e.g. the human nervous system) or artificial (e.g. computers).


Cybernetic organism. A living being who contains cybernetic or bionic parts to replace and/or enhance physical parts.

Compare with android, robot, and synthezoid.

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