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Danger Room

The main training center for the X-Men, located in a sub-basement of the Xavier Institute For Higher Learning.

Main article: Danger Room

See also Danger.

Dark Arts

Type of magic that draws on malevolent powers. It is used for malevolent acts or to deliberately cause harm in some way.

Dark Dimension

A mystic realm riddled with natural wraps into pocket universes within the universe itself. Its known inhabitants are Clea, Umar and her brother Dormammu.


A form of extradimensional energy that manifests itself in our universe as a non-reflective, highly opaque, black substance. Certain adepts use psionic, or magical means to draw this energy into our dimension and use it in various ways. Known users include: Asylum (Henrique Gallante), Blackout (Marcus Daniels), Black Mamba, Cloak, Darkhawk, Darkling, Darkstar, Doorman, Ecstacy, Gloom, Left Hand, Nightside, Nocturne (Talia Wagner), Noir (Sa'ida Zebari), Quagmire, Shroud, Silhouette, Smuggler (Conrad Josten), Spot, Undercloaks, and Vanisher (Telford Porter).


(1) The cessation of all life functions in a living being, causing its life essence (also known as consciousness, spirit, or soul) to depart the physical body. Certain life essences have temporarily continued to exist in known realities after death clad in the astral body. An astral body whose physical form has died is called a ghost. The final fate of the life essence or soul after death is not known to science.

See also astral body, death gods, ectoplasm, and ghost.

(2) The name of one of the four Horsemen of Apocalypse.

(3) The quasi-physical being who embodies death.

See separate entry.

death gods

Superhuman beings who generally dwell on extradimensional worlds and who have at least temporary control of certain ghosts. These beings are sometimes physical and sometimes ectoplasmic. Such beings include Hela, Pluto, and Mephisto.


A being perceived by some to be a god.


A godlike being whose form and functions have degenerated so it preys upon the living in some way.

Department H

A top secret branch of the Canadian Ministry of Defence named after its top employee, James MacDonald Hudson.

See separate profile, and see also Alpha Flight, Beta Flight, Department K, Flight, The, Gamma Flight, Epsilon Flight, Hull House, and Omega Flight.

Department K

The super-human branch of the Canadian military.

See separate profile, and see also Department H.


(1) A diversion from the norm.

(2) A member of an evolutionary offshoot of humanity created through experiments performed by the alien Celestials.

See separate profile, and also compare with eternal.


A universe or realm containing space, matter, and energy which is separated from our own universe by some physical difference in the space, matter, and energy itself.

dimensional travel

The process of leaving the space of our universe and entering that of another one, accomplished by physical, psionic, or magical means. The mechanics of dimension travel are known to all but a few.


The process by which a single reality becomes more than one upon reaching a certain point in time. At this point of divergence, an event occurs differently in each diverging reality, leading to a radically different chain of events in each one.

divergent Earth

A world resembling Earth in every way up until a single juncture in time where events occurred a different way than they did on our Earth. There is an infinite number of possible divergent Earths, but no one knows how many actual divergent Earths there are. Divergent Earths exist in the equivalent space to our Earth's in other dimensions. A divergent Earth is an alternate Earth, but not a parallel Earth.

Doorway Between Worlds

A mystical portal in the Himalayas that opens onto other worlds.


An alternate realm where time passes at a different rate than in our reality and where the spirits of our ancestors dwell.

Dyson Sphere

First theorised by physicist Freeman Dyson in the early 20th century, a race could take all of the mass of an entire solar system's planets and pulverize it into a thin layer of earth and atmosphere. This layer could be shaped into a sphere around the system's sun at a distance of one AU (astronomical unit - one Earth-Sun distance), creating an Earth-like habitat with over a billion times the surface area of Earth. The New Mutants encountered a Dyson Sphere when they were transported there by Lila Cheney, who uses it as a base of operations.

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