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F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Investigative agency of the U.S. Department of Justice.


Magical creature similar to an elf, native to Otherworld.

Fear Lords

A unified association of seven powerful individuals (Nightmare, D'spayre, Dweller-In-Darkness, Kkallakku, Lurking Unknown, Nox, and Straw Man), that sought out to rule the Earth through fear. They were eventually defeated by Doctor Strange and Daredevil aided by the Straw-Man, who had betrayed his fellow Fear Lords.


Alternate Earth (Earth-715) in which females are dominant and males subservient.

See separate profile.


A barrier of energy, usually strong enough to prevent solid or liquid objects or concussive forms of energy from penetrating it.

force shield

A three-dimensional field of solid energy.

Friends of Humanity

A grass-roots political party founded by Graydon Creed for the express purpose of harassing mutants. The party grew to large numbers, but faded from the scene when Creed withdrew his support to further his election campaign.

See separate entry.

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