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gamma radiation

High-energy electromagnetic radiation that in large doses is lethal to most living beings. Gamma radiation is what created the Hulk, and his gamma-irradiated blood led to Jennifer Walters becoming the She-Hulk after a blood transfusion. The Abomination and Doc Samson also owe their powers to gamma radiation.

gamma ray

Electromagnetic radiation known to have mutagenic properties for some individuals.


Having to do with the genes, the section of a cell of a living being that contains the molecule DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), which controls the transmission of hereditary characteristics from parent to offspring.

genetic engineering

Manipulating the development of a living being, usually for mutagenic effect.


The study of the process of heredity of physical characteristics in living organisms.


African island state where mutants were formerly used in slave labor, population decimated by a Sentinel attack.

See separate profile.


The astral body of a being who has died.

See also astral body, death.


A certain humanoid being native to the Asgardian realm of Jotunheim, Olympus, and possibly other extradimensional worlds as well.

See also Asgard.


Magical cave-dwelling being native to Asgard, possessing small stature.


A humanoid being with a longer lifespan and greater physical powers than human beings, whose kinsmen or self has once been worshipped by humanity. Some races of gods, such as the Olympians, are for all practical purposes, immortal. All races of gods now dwell on some extradimensional world, although they may have lived on Earth in ancient times. There seems to be a special connection between the gods who were once worshipped on Earth and Earth itself.


Extradimensional gemstone which was part of the Lifestone Tree, transformed John Jameson into Stargod.


A theoretical particle carrying the force of gravity.


Cable's space station, made with technology from 2000 years in the future and equipped with a time-displacement core and the teleportation unit that Cable used to "bodyslide". Magneto ultimately used Graymalkin to create his new base, Avalon.

See separate profile and also Avalon.

Great Cataclysm

Disaster caused by combination of volcanic upheaval and destructive assault by Celestials upon Earth which caused entire continents to sink, circa 18,000 B.C.

Guardians of the Galaxy

1. Heroes native to the 31st Century era of an alternate Earth (Earth-691).

2. Interstellar heroes who defended the Lifestone Tree.


An operative of the U.S. government adorned in green armor designed by Tony Stark.

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