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Marvel Universe 




To create on a molecular level, by altering the atoms of an object in order to make it lighter, faster, stronger and in most cases smaller.


A rare metal found at the oceans depths that when exposed to air, combines with oxygen, increasing its density and making it moist so that Atlanteans can breathe normally above water (making it equally difficult for humans to breath).

See also Atlantis.

Negative Zone

An anti-matter universe first discovered by Reed Richards.

See separate profile.


Netherworld, is another name for the city of Netheria. Netheria was once a city on the continent of Atlantis, which was enclosed in an airtight dome to protect itself from the Deviant empire based in Lemuria. The people excavated the foundations beneath the city to expand it below the ground, and discovered a way to recycle their air supply. When Atlantis sank in the great cataclysm, Netheria remained intact. Netheria sank to the bottom of the sea, in a huge cavern beneath the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, in part of what is now known as Subterranea.


A point in a dimension through which access to other dimensions or time periods is mere easily achieved than at other points.

Nexus of All Realities

A point where all alternate realities intersects. In the Marvel Universe such points are the M'Kraan Crystal, the Florida Everglades, which is protected by the Man-Thing and an unknown location in deep space which had been used as a prison for the cosmic being known as the In-Betweener.

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