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Marvel Universe 




A tribe, clan, or race of gods of a common origin.

parallel Earth

A counterpart to Earth within another dimension that never diverged from this dimension's Earth, but has somehow come to resemble this Earth in various ways. No known other-dimensional Earth in this multiverse has yet been identified as a parallel Earth rather than a divergent Earth, and no true parallel Earths may exist within this multiverse.

parallel world

A world which exists in a dimension in a space equivalent to that occupied by a world in another dimension, and whose reality never diverged from that of this other dimension. Just as parallel lines never meet, by definition, neither do parallel worlds.

Compare with alternate Earth, alternate world, divergent Earth.


When used as a verb, a term meaning to pass through another object through altering the synchronization of the atoms of the object passing through with the atoms of the object being passed through.


(1) With the clarity of a photograph.

(2) Like a photograph.

photographic reflexes

The ability to exactly reproduce any movement or action.


A super-heated state of matter consisting of charged subatomic particles.

pocket dimension

A universe whose size is far more limited than that of the Earth dimension. Also called pocket-universe.


A being with shape-changing powers.

Power Cosmic

The use of cosmic energy for a wide variety of powers and effects. The Power Cosmic is granted by Galactus to his Heralds.

Power Primordial

The power possessed by the Elders of the Universe.


A being who possesses the power of precognition.


The ability to mentally scan the various alternate futures. Predicting which one of these futures one is likely to experience can never be done with perfect accuracy, since reality must diverge in order for there to be alternate futures, and hence, there will be divergent counterpart of the predictor in each of these alternate futures.


An artificial replacement for a missing limb or other body part. If the prosthetic part simulates all of the functions (or more) of the natural part, it is called bionic.


Short for psionic or psychic. The term for any and all extrasensory and extraphysical powers stemming from the mind, specifically astral projection, clairvoyance, levitation, precognition, psychokinesis, telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation.


The Psimitar was a spear like staff combined with a scythe blade. It was made of an unknown metal that acted as a conduit for its telepathic user to focus their telepathic or telekinetic abilities through. In the Marvel Universe those that are normally associated with this weapon are Cable, the Askani, Blaquesmith, the Dark Sisterhood and their Dark Mother.


A theoretical particle of energy produced by the mind that is involved in psi powers.


An adjective referring to psions, to the powers or energies based on psions (e.g., psionic powers, psionic energy), or to mechanical means to stimulate the natural psi powers. Abbreviated to psi only when describing the powers.


(1) An adjective referring to psi powers.

(2) A being who possesses psi powers.


The psi ability to move or manipulate physical matter without physically touching it. The word is synonymous with telekinesis, which has the added connotation of greater distance being involved between the matter being manipulated and the manipulator.


A being who possesses the power of psychokinesis.

Pym Particles

A theoretical particle discovered by Doctor Henry Pym that enables size changing and mass shunting.


The ability to create and/or manipulate fire with psionic energy.


A being who possesses the power of pyrokinesis, such as Pyro or the Human Torch (Johnny Storm).

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