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Marvel Universe 



radar sense

An extrasensory means of perception by which the brain generates electromagnetic waves which travel outward, bounce off objects, and are again picked up by the brain, which thus determines what its surroundings are. Daredevil is one such individual known to possess this ability.


Ragnarok is the end of the world in Norse mythology. Final battle between good and evil fought by the Asgardians.


The ability to react to danger with great speed or heightened abilities.


Extraterrestrial race who have colonized numerous planets throughout the universe.


A mechanical entity sometimes but not always possessing a humanoid configuration.

Compare with android, cyborg, synthezoid.

Roxxon Oil

Energy resource corporation which has been involved in numerous plots for power and domination.

See separate profile.

ruby quartz

Red gemstone which can block the effects of Scott Summers' optic blasts.

See separate profile.

Ryker's Island

Island prison located off New York City.

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