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Marvel Universe 




Technocracy is an organizational system in which decision makers and political leaders are selected on the basis of technological knowledge.


A being who possesses the power of telekinesis.


The psi ability to move or manipulate physical matter without physically touching it, especially over long distances.


A being who possesses the power of telepathy.


The psi ability to send or receive thoughts directly into or from other minds.


transport by dematerializing at one point or place and assembling at another point or place.


The ability via psionic or artificial means to transport oneself or other people or objects from one point in space to another without having physically traveled the distance between.


A being who possesses the power of teleportation.


Of, relating to or limited by time.

Terrigen Mist

A mutagenic or mutation-causing substance discovered by the Inhuman scientist Randac. It is potent enough to cause any living organism to mutate from exposure to it, although the Inhumans zealously restrict its use to Inhumans only.


The multiverse-wide phenomenon that keeps all reality from happening at once


The events of a particular reality that define its history. Also called reality line.

time travel

The process of leaving the timestream at a given point, traversing through the timeless realm of Limbo for a timeless interval, and re-entering timestream at another point, not having physically aged in transit. Since there are alternate futures, it is not always possible to travel to the same one. Since traveling into the past always affects reality in at least a minute way, one can never physically travel to one's true past, which is by definition the past in its original state, uncomplicated by extra temporal factors.


The multiverse-wide phenomenon that keeps all reality flowing in the same direction, toward entropy. The timestream is not a literal place.


A primitive mystical object made of two wooden slats connected by rope. Permits wielder passage into Dream-Time. Also referred to as bull-roarer.


Transformation describes the ability to transform into another substance, either restricted to a special material (eg Colossus, Dust, Emma Frost, Hydro-Man, Iceman, Living Lightning, Nitro, Sandman, Vapor, Amelia Voght, Quicksand) or open to a broader spectrum (eg Absorbing Man, Husk, Monica Rambeau).

Transmode Virus

The Transmode virus is used by members of the Technarchy to turn other beings into techno-organic beings. The Technarchy can then feed upon the infected beings and drain their energy (visible as lights flowing through the infected creature). Once the energy has been drained, all that remains of their prey are brittle statues. If an infected creature is not drained of its energy, it becomes a Phalanx.


A certain humanoid being native to Asgard, and possibly other extradimensional worlds as well.

See also Asgard.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

A very large carnivorous dinosaur with short legs and a long, well developed tail.

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