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Marvel Universe 

Gods of Heliopolis

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Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Thor #240 (1975)

Home World

Technology Level

Ruled by Osiris as leader of Ennead; formerly ruled by Amun-Ra as leader of Ogdoad

Physical Description
golden bridges with large Sarcophagi

The history of the first generation of Egyptian gods known as Ogdoad has mostly been lost in the sands of time. Its only known that the Ogdoad was either created by Atum and were sired by him or they were already in existence and he just joined them as their leader calling himself Amun-Ra. He ruled them for a long time but the other gods died of old age but as Atum was immortal he didn't. He then sired another group of gods known Ennead. Those sired by him included Osiris, Shu, Tefnut and others.

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