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Marvel Universe

Real Name

Ape Man from Borneo, God of Vengeance, Monster of Midnight Mountain

No dual identity

USA (naturalized)

Place of Birth

First Appearance
Tales to Astonish #12 (1960)


In his searching for the "Missing Link", Dr. Anthony Druid journeyed to Borneo where discovered an even more startling creature - one who pointed the way to a completely different cousin of humanity, the loathsome sub-species known as the Deviants. The following events were taken from his notes.

Gorgilla dwelt in peace at Midnight Mountain in Borneo, a one time slave of the Deviants created from their genetic experiments. Although he resembles a 25 foot tall simian, he also possesses a natural swimming ability (hence the moniker "Gorgilla"). I led the expedition to Borneo that resulted in his discovery; although Gorgilla was at first wary of us humans, we were amazed when he saved the expedition party from a Tyrannosaurus Rex (later determined to be another Deviant creation), recognizing us humans as distant relations.

If only Gorgilla could have remained there in peace! Unfortunately, Warlord Kro of the Deviants arranged for him to be sent to New York City, where he cause a rampage while Kro’s communist allies planted bombs in the city. Fortunately, I had recently joined the Monster Hunters, and we were able to bring down the beast with tranquilizers and knock out gas. As the victimized creatures lay unconscious, we were able to remove the Brain Mine device which Kro had used to control him. With his free will regained, Gorgilla led us after the bombers, identifying them by their scents. Makkari, using his guise as FBI agent Jake Curtiss, arranged transport for Gorgilla back to Midnight mountain, and we accompanied our friend on his journey home. We were assaulted there by Lizard Men sent by Kro, but Gorgilla aided us in battle, and we left some of the Lizard Men under his watchful eye. As we continued on our adventure, we said our farewells to Gorgilla, and it is my fondest hope that he will remain in his paradisaic home for good.

A Fantastic Tale

Dr. Druid and the Monster Hunters adventures with Gorilla were not his last. This next encounter comes from the journals of Reed Richards.

I am afraid this will sound contrary to the departed doctor's wishes, but Gorgilla has since left Borneo for the United States - and he seems quite happy to have done so. Initially transported away from Midnight Mountain by the power of the sorcerer Yandroth to battle the Avengers, Gorgilla is perhaps the most successful of the four monsters I helped to rehabilitate here at the Baxter Building. After shrinking the giant ape down to human proportions, I taught him rudimentary English, and put him to work as a janitor. Gorgilla was pleased to have employment, and has adopted America as his new home with the eagerness of any immigrant. Although he is somewhat naive, and abetted Googam in his break-in at the Baxter Building he has made significant progress, he later aided Fin Fang Foom, Googam, and Elektro against the massive Tim Boo Ba. He was knocked onto the Statue of Liberty during the battle, and has adopted the statue as his new home, requiring the city to provide him with a constant supply of bananas. His position at the Baxter Building will remain open for him until he decides to come down.

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