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Marvel Universe 

Gorgon (Inhuman)


Marvel Universe

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Fantastic Four #44

Gorgon was a member of the Royal Family of the Inhumans, sent by their one-time leader, Maximus, to find and return Medusa to Attilan. Gorgon found her outside the Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building and attacked her and the Human Torch, who she had captured to help her escape. He used his powerful legs to climb the side of the building, hurt Mister Fantastic when he reached out to see who it was, and stole their helicopter after kicking their Fantasticar and Pogo Plane to disable their transport. He chased Medusa and the Torch to New York’s State University where he confronted an escaped Dragon Man, who protected Medusa from him. He continued to fight the Dragon Man, then the rest of the Fantastic Four, until the android created enough of a distraction for him to escape to the Inhumans hideout with Medusa.

There, he discovered the Human Torch alongside his cousin, Crystal, who believed Johnny to be a fellow Inhuman. Gorgon and Triton then attacked the Torch and he escaped through the roof to alert the rest of the Fantastic Four. Together the Inhumans, led by Black Bolt, battled with the four until Crystal announced that Triton had been taken by the Seeker, who had been sent to bring them all back to Attilan. Black Bolt then commanded Lockjaw to transport them, and they disappeared off the rooftop, with the Torch and Crystal trying to stay together but being torn apart.

They appeared back in Attilan, where Maximus explained that he had Gorgon bring Medusa back to be his queen. Gorgon apologized and claimed ignorance of Maximus' motives. Then, Maximus taunted Black Bolt with his stolen crown until Black Bolt tore it from his hands by force, reclaiming the leadership of the Inhumans. But soon the Fantastic Four appeared, having followed the Seeker back to the refuge, and argued with Black Bolt, telling him that he and the Inhumans should rejoin the human race. While they discussed it, Maximus set off his atmo-gun and intended to destroy all the humans on the planet. Yet when it failed to work, as evidenced by the Fantastic Four’s survival, Medusa deduced that it proved the Inhumans were of the same race as humans. This infuriated Maximus and he reversed his machine, creating a Negative Zone around Attilan that trapped the Inhumans inside, which the Fantastic Four narrowly escaped.

Black Bolt later revealed his secret: that the use of his voice released destructive energy, and he was forced to use it to destroy the barrier surrounding Attilan. The Council of Elders then decreed that the royal family should split up and explore the human world. Before too long, Maximus had recovered and used his scientific genius to capture the Inhuman royal family and retake Attilan. However, Black Bolt soon used his powerful voice to break them free and send Maximus scurrying to a hidden rocket.

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