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Marvel Universe 

Grand Inquisitors


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Formerly the planet of Sirus X in the Hercules star cluster, of the Milky Way Galaxy

First Appearance
Strange Tales #178 (1975)

Current Members:
No known current members

The Grand Inquisitors were sent on missionary missions for the Universal Church of Truth. They traveled from planet throughout the Milky Way Galaxy to persuade the planet's inhabitants to convert to the church’s religious doctrines. If the inhabitants repudiated their doctrines, the Grand Inquisitors would eradicate all life on the planet. The Inquisitors trekked to the planet of the Zen-Whoberi where they were not blissfully received by the planet’s inhabitants. The Inquisitors purge of the planet was swift and inhumane, there was only one survivor, a little girl named Gamora. She had her own personal savior in the form of the mad Titan Thanos, who saved and raised to be an vicious assassin. The Inquisitors were also sent out in pursuit of Adam Warlock.

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