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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name


Known to The United Sisterhood Republic

Milago, Earth-8009

Place of Birth

First Appearance
Savage She-Hulk #1 (2009)


The Gynosure, more a title than a name, is the keeper of all the knowledge in Milago, and the guardian of their birthing chambers called the Cradle. Cybernetically linked to all that is Milago, Gynosure oversees everything having to do with The United Sisterhood Republic. It is unrevealed how many have been glorified to this position, or what it takes to become the Gynosure, but one thing is certain. Milago thrives through her will.

Such was the case when the Cradle had become damaged and could not produce any more female children to join the ranks of the Sisterhood. She commanded Milago's finest warrior – Lyra, daughter of Thundra and Hulk – to journey to the realm of men and seize a replacement part to repair the Cradle. Lyra did as she was told, but a bitter betrayal put her at odds with the Gynosure. While on the mission, one of Lyra's soldiers attacked her, saying Gynosure wanted the male element from the Sisterhood removed. Lyra defended herself and killed her attacker in the process, but she would soon have words with the Gynosure.

Confronting the Gynosure, Lyra was reminded she was only a tool of Milago and not its destroyer. Using the defenses at her disposal, Gynosure bombarded Lyra with a tremendous dose of gamma rays to trigger her one weakness, leaving her virtually helpless. Gynosure then commanded her to travel back to the past and seek out the greatest hero of the current era, Norman Osborn. Lyra's new mission was to procreate with him and give birth to a new generation of female warriors. During her brief time spent in the past, Lyra abandoned her mission, forsaking the Sisterhood, but Boudicca, a small extension of the Gynosure, found a way to complete the mission without Lyra having to subject herself to any intimate relations with Osborn. With the Cradle able to be restored, and the masculinity successfully removed from the Sisterhood, Gynosure once again ensured the future of her people and gave her blessing to Lyra to find her true path in life.

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