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Marvel Universe 

Haazareth Three


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
The Haazareth Three reside in a dimension of Hell belonging to Mephisto

First Appearance
(Behind the scenes) Fantastic Four #67 (2003); (seen and named): Fantastic Four #69 (2003)

Current Members:
All three are unidentified

The The Haazareth Three reside in a dimension of Hell belonging to Mephisto, their station among demons or Mephisto has yet to be revealed. They appeared to amuse themselves in the torture of those that enlist their services. They could move from Hell into the Earthly plane, although, they could only do so through rituals or other arcane means such as pentagrams and mystical artifacts like the Orb of Agamotto. Doctor Doom approached the Haazareth Three seeking mystical powers that would finally bring him the defeat of his greatest foes Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four. Doom agreed to sacrifice his former love, Valeria, to the Haazereth. He then utilized the power bestowed upon him to contact Valeria Richards and manipulated one of Reeds machines to send his son Franklin Richards to Haazareth's realm in Hell. The Haazareth found the youngster wandering aimlessly through their realm and began torturing him. Reed enlisted the help of Doctor Strange to assist him in rescuing his son, while strange and Reed were spying on the Haazareth through the Orb of Agamotto, and they tricked Doom into stating that he was not inferior or indebted to anyone. The Haazareth use the Orb as a pathway to Earth and pulled Doom into their dimension. Reed and the members of the Fantastic Four quickly followed and freed Franklin and Doctor Strange assisted their their back to Earth's plane. Doom was left behind with the Haazareth relentlessly tormenting him. Doom refused to call on their Mephisto for help, Doom was eventually snatched from their grip by Reed who tried to hold him captive via the Mobius Stone, although Doom did manage to escape. The Haazareth have not been seen these exploits.

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