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Marvel Universe 

Hammer Bay


Marvel Universe

Hammer Bay is the Capital City of the Island Of Genosha, which is located north of the Seychelles off the east coast of Africa.

The current mutate population along with the rebel mutant Magneto, helped to continue the modernization of Hammer Bay.

Formerly Magneto, who was ceded control of the Island by the Untied Nations. His cabinet consisted of Jennifer Ransome, David Moreau, Pipeline, Alda Huxley, Fabian Cortez, Amelia Voght, and magneto's children Quicksilver and Polaris.

The curio shop where Delphi sold memory boxes psychically imprinted with actual memories.

Originally a haven for pirates, and rumored to be the destination of one of Sinbad's legendary voyages, Genosha was settled during the great ages of exploration. The deep-water harbor of Hammer Bay formed the foundation of the fledgling nation's commerce with trade becoming the major source of wealth until the discovery of iron ore and other precious metals in the Genoshan Ridgeback Mountains, which led to a flourishing steel industry.

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