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Marvel Universe 


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Marvel Universe (616)

Real Name
Carter Alexander Ryking


First Appearance
X-Men (2nd series) #12

X-Men (2nd series) #12

Carter is the son of Alexander Ryking, a famous scientist who once worked in the Alamogordo facility. These institution was supposed to be a center or nuclear energy research, but was actually a complex for the study of genetics. Some of Carter's father co-workers were Irene Adler, Kurt Marko (Juggernaut's father) and Brian Xavier. The latter had a son about Carter's age, Charles Xavier, and the two kids used to play together, and quickly became friends.

In some time, a geneticist going by the name of Nathan Milbury, who also was involved in Alamogordo's studies, approached Xavier and Ryking asking to experiment on their children, in search of evolutionary genetic traits. Both men consented, not knowing they were handing their sons to the monster that would later be known as Mister Sinister. While Charles would forget the experiences to which he was subjected, Carter kept them in mind. Later, when Carter's mutant powers surfaced, he was not able to cope with them and his father kept him hospitalized, constantly sedated, from them on. Years after, while he was still being held on a medical facility, his father died. When he saw the news reporting his father death, he run into a power surge which was hardly subdued by the health professional who tended to him. However, later on, he would break free and flee. While Professor X had gone to New Mexico to attend to the burial of Alexander Ryking, he witnessed the rampage on which Carter went on, now calling himself Hazard and attacking his father funeral. He kidnapped Charles and took him to the ruins of Alamogordo, trying to expose its dark secrets. Nonetheless, Hazard was defeated by the Blue Team of the X-Men, who came to rescue their mentor. Carter being handed again to the clinic's care, there were no more endeavours to uncover the mysteries of his and Professor's past. When Charles Xavier was hit by a Bishop's gunshot and lost some brain mass, he also lost most of his memories and went after people he once knew to try to recover parts of his life. Visiting Carter in Las Cruces, he discovered his former friend in a even deper delusional state, after being depowered during the M-Day. Hazard was trying to remember the order of the numbers, appearently in a countdown to his own death, but let Xavier touch his mind to acquire some memories. The following night, the Professor was ambushed by mercenaries who tried to kill him, but, aided by Gambit, was able to overcome them. Gambit told him he received information on a list of people marked to be murdered: Xavier, Cain Marko, Sebastian Shaw and Hazard. As both former x-men went to Ryking's clinic to check on him, they were informed by the doctors that he had passed away the former night.

Now, Hazard's death sum up with the series of dark mysteries his life was made up of.

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