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Marvel Universe 

Helix (Group)


Marvel Universe; formerly Earth-4935

First Appearance
X-Force #4 (2004)

Current Members:

The Helix were modified humans from a future time line known as Earth-4935. They traveled back in time to awaken the demonic menace known as Skornn, who would in turn consume all mutants. Skornn was a threat to both mutant and human kind as well, it preferred to feed off of the unique emergency signature of mutants, but would also feed of non-powered humans as well. In the future occupied by the time traveler Jon Spectre. The Helix were defeated, they believed that their actions would ensure their future destiny. The were empowered by the will of humanity throughout time and its longing for survival. During a battle with X-Force and Jon Spectre, a member of the Helix was able to defeat Shatterstar and Spectre. He revealed that the Helix viewed video tapes of their fighting skills, allowing them to know what their move would be before it was made. The Helix's defeat came at the hands of Meltdown, who they had not viewed.

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