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Marvel Universe 

Hellhounds (Dire Wraiths)


Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Rom #6 (1988)

Home World
The Hellhounds sought refuge within the mystical Dark Nebula.

Technology Level

The Hellhound are ruled by the Dire Wraiths

Physical Description
The Hellhounds on Earth were Doberman Punchers, until they were transformed into telepathic trackers by the Dire Wraiths' sorcery.

The Hellhounds were innocent creatures corrupted by the demonic designs of the diabolical Wraith scientist Doctor Daedalus, into abominations of unnatural evil. While on the planet Earth the Dire Wraiths used their ”dark sorcery” to transform two Doberman Pinchers into Hellhounds telepathic trackers to assist then in locating Stephen Jackson of Clairton, West Virginia and the Galadorian Spaceknight, Rom. The Hellhounds had not been seen since the Spaceknights of Galador devised a mechanism capable of preventing the Black Sun within the Dark Nebula from radiating its mystical energies upon Wraithworld and empowering the Wraiths of their magic.

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