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The Mighty Marvel Universe Markup Cheat Sheet

Basic Formatting

Italicize text:
''this is some text''
this is some text
Make text bold:
'''this is some text'''
this is some text


level one headline

Level two headline

level three headline


=level one headline=

==Level two headline==

===level three headline===


regular links:
links with text other than the link page:
[[Nightcrawler|Kurt Wagner]]
Kurt Wagner
links to external sites:


normal images

[[image:ultimate_cap_hed.jpg]] image:ultimate_cap_hed.jpg


There are a number of image options to make images resize and position on the fly. The positions of the directives within the image tag are insenstitive so you can just write them wherever. Options:

  • thumb - resizes creates a frame around the image
  • left,right - places the image to the left or right of the text
  • pixel size - tells how wide to make the image
  • captions - adds a caption to the image


inline images

100 pixel image
[[image:ultimate_cap_hed.jpg|100 pixel image|100px|right]] text to the left of the image

basic thumbnail

Enlarge Image

thumbnails with caption

[[image:ultimate_cap_hed.jpg|thumb|ultimate cap]]
Enlarge Image
ultimate cap

thumbnails with alignment

[[image:ultimate_cap_hed.jpg|thumb|ultimate cap|left]]
Enlarge Image
ultimate cap

thumbnails with sizes

[[image:ultimate_cap_hed.jpg|thumb|100 pixel image|100px]]
Enlarge Image
100 pixel image