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A disambiguation page is a page which helps sort out articles which have similar names or are potentially confusing. For example, there have been several people called “Angel” within the various comics that Marvel has published over our 70-odd year history. The disambiguation page for Angel_(disambiguation) helps people visiting the wiki find the exact article they are looking for.

To Create a New Disambiguation Page:

  1. Navigate to the URL where the new page will live (see Help:New_Articles for more instructions on creating a new page). The URL of the page will also be the title that appears in the grey bar over the article. Disambiguation page titles must follow the format "[character_name]_(disambiguation)" (ex. Angel_(disambiguation)).
  2. Click the "Create" link on the upper-right-hand side of the page.
  3. When the page reloads, click the "disambiguation" link, to add the disambiguation templates into the article.
  4. Add the text of the article and save.

Many disambiguation pages use mediawiki gallery tags to show a visual guide of the various characters to which they link. You can get more information on building galleries here: