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To edit a profile click on "show" next to tools. A window will drop down, click the edit option. This will take you to the edit screen. Here you can make edits on misspelled words and run-on sentences. Re-wording of sentences is allowed "IF" the sentence does not make sense: missing words, repeated words etc etc. Here are a few rules to remember:

1. Do not re-word a sentence because you think your words are better. If the existing sentence/paragraph is acceptable and you want to replace it with your version please get approval from a mod prior to making any changes.

2. If editing the bibliography please follow the acceptable guidelines put forth under the Help:Posting section.

Bibliographies should also be written in Handbook format. When it comes to referencing a specific series of a particular title, put the year of publication in brackets at the end. Don't list "Vol. 1" or "(1st series)" or the like.

The typical format for the Significant Issues section is: event (series #issue, year). When referencing multiple issues, the typical format is: event (series #issue/series #issue, year/year). If the year of publication is the same for all referenced issues, only list it once. That is: (series #issue/series #issue, year).

If in doubt about how to list something in a bibliography, check past Handbooks and you're bound to find an example. However, please don't copy the Handbook's bibliographies. As mentioned above, the Handbook writers will be able to do this far more easily if they so desire.

For a good example of bibliography formatting, check out the Wolverine profile currently online.

3. Please list in the summary section under the edit box any issues you used for reference. This will allow your data to be verified and will give your edit a better chance of being approved.

4. When creating or editing existing profiles, please remember to use a spell checker program. Edits that contain errors will not be approved.

Tip- save any edits or new profiles to your computer before clicking the save page button. Doing so will prevent frustration if your edits/profiles are denied. If you do not save them and they are denied then you will have to start from scratch.

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