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Getting Started with the Marvel Universe Wiki

First, thanks for using the Marvel Universe Wiki.

To start creating and editing, you'll need to be signed in with your Marvel User Name. Don't have a Marvel User Name? Create one now.

Once you have a User Name and are signed in, you'll be ready to contribute your expertise and knowledge to the Marvel Universe Wiki.

Start by reading articles on topics or characters that you know the most about. When you find you've got something to contribute, or when you find something you want to correct, click the "Edit" link.

The "Edit" link opens the page so that you can change the article's content or format. In the resulting window, any text you see can be added to or edited.

You'll also see there are some special characters in the article copy (usually at the beginning of a line of text). This is markup that dictates the display of text and images on the page. If your objective is to change the page's layout of the formatting of the text on the page, please see Cheat Sheet: How to use wiki markup to make your articles better and more readable for more info.

Once you've completed an edit, you can save it, preview it, or see the changes you've made by selecting the appropriate button at the bottom of the edit screen.

Start with a small edit to get a feel for the process before you progress to larger editing or article creation.

Please be aware that your edit to any article will need to be approved by our moderators before it will be available in the default version of the article you edited, so you may have to check back to see it appear.

Ways to Contribute to the Marvel Universe Wiki

Ok, so now you know your way around, and want to add to the Wiki. Great!

There are lots of ways to contribute to the Marvel Universe Wiki, even if someone has already written a bio of your favorite character.

Clean-up and Housekeeping

With a site this size there's always clean-up that needs to happen. Taking time to engage in the following tasks will help keep the Marvel Universe Wiki organized, easy-to-use, and more enjoyable for everyone.

Clean-up, housekeeping, and stuff that will make the Wiki Overlords happy:

  • Do Disambiguation Cleanup — In the Wiki, pages should link to article pages, not disambiguation pages. There is a list of disambig pages at special:disambiguations that shows the links to each page. Please change these links to the appropriate article.
  • Redirect Common Misspellings: — Many of the characters in the Marvel Universe are commonly misspelled (i.e. Spider-Man is often spelled spiderman by users). The same goes for capitalization (X-Men) . If you find a page that's been created for a character, and the character name is misspelled, please create a redirect from the misspelled page to the correct page for the character. See Help:redirects for more information on creating redirects.
  • Flesh Out Stubs — A "stub" is an article that as been created but doesn't have a great deal of detail. You can find a list of articles flagged as stubs in the stubs category.
  • Add Citations — Citations are relatively new to the Marvel Universe Wiki, and lots of articles need them. See help:citations for more information.
  • Fix Double Redirects — Doing this just helps keep things clean. You can find more information at help:redirects.

Updating Articles

You don't need to create new articles to join in. Because the Marvel Universe is constantly changing, lots of articles need maintenance and minor updates periodically.

Posting New Articles

If you're not sure what to post, check out the discussion page of an article that interests you to see what has been requested or where the article is heading. Also, watch the wanted list (to see what editors and moderators want filled out) and the missing pages list (to see articles that people have linked to but have not yet been created). For more detailed information about posting, see help:posting and help:new_articles.