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Hero Points

What are Hero Points?

Hero Points are a measure of your activity on, especially in the Marvel Universe. Every time one of your posts is approved, you gain a Hero Point, and the more Hero Points you earn, the more priveleges you gain on the Marvel Universe. If you have enough Hero Points, you can approve other people's posts, talk on discussion pages, and even have your posts go live without other people's approvals (although anyone can still edit your posts). Users with a lot of Hero Points will also be eligable for many other cool things on!

How many Hero Points do I need to do that stuff?

It's a secret. Just keep posting and watch your points grow!

Do I get Hero Points for posting on the message board?

Sorry, but Hero Points are not used on the messsage boards. They are intended to work in conjunction with the online encyclopedia. The message boards use its own numbering system which is measured by the number of posts you make.