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Everything you wanted to know about uploading images but were afraid to ask!

Images make or break comics, so the images we show here are very important to the Marvel Universe. This guide is here to help you help the Marvel Universe and make sure it keeps looking nice and loading fast.

Before you upload

What file types can I upload?

You may use .gif, .jpg. and .png, which are all common web graphic formats.

How big should I make images

In general, please size images appropriately before uploading them. Especailly avoid uploading very large images, as they have a tendancy to propigate poorly among our servers. Most images, however, will size themselves appropriately for any page you place them in, so don't worry too much about it. Some common image sizes include:


The headshots (the images on character and team articles) are 442 pixels wide. The article templates will shring or expand the image appropriately if it is not previously sized to 442 px, but in general it is good to pre-size everything to fit the dimensions of the template. As you have probably noticed, most images work better as a snapshot than a column, so we've attached a nicely sized proportional template here: image:blank_template.jpg. If you have access to a graphic prodcution program like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop pro, you may use this to crop your image appropriately.

category and event banners

These are the wide banners across the category and event pages on Marvel Universe. They are sized 757x125.

in-line images

Images which appear in the text of an article can be sized as needed. See Mike's excellent Spider-Man write-up for an example of how to size and place images.

How to Upload

Images in templates

In-line images