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Help:New Articles

Ok, so you're ready to start an article from scratch.

Before you start a new article:

1. Make sure that the article doesn't exist already by performing a search (in the upper left hand corner of the screen) for that character, team, place, event, species or object. Duplicate articles are bad things and are easily avoided. Make sure you search for the character's alter-ego, where appropriate, and for common misspellings of the character's name. If you find any of those, it's probably time to create a redirect (see Help:Redirects).

2. Make sure you have read and understand the contents of Help:Posting and Help:Writing_Compelling_Articles.

Ok, let's get started.

Step 1: First, determine the title of your article. The title of the article is both the URL of the page as well as what appears in the header bar above the article. Article titles use the following rules:

  • if the article is about a person with an alias (this includes most super heroes and villains), the title should use the format [alias]_([real_name]) (ex. Spider-Man_(Peter_Parker) *Note: it's best to use this notation EVEN IF there's one version of a character. It helps search engines find your work and it makes it easier if a new version of a character pops up.
  • if the article is about a person with no character alias, the title should use the format [family name],_[first name] (ex. Watson,_Mary_Jane).
  • if the article is about an "alternate" version of a character, such as a character from the Ultimate Universe, the title should use the format [alias OR real_name]_([alternate version name]) (ex. Nick_Fury_(Ultimate))
  • if the article is a team, object, or species the article title can simply be the team, object, or species name (unless it's an alternate version, in which case use the alternate version rules noted above)

Step 2: Navigate to the page on which the article will live. How do you navigate to a page that hasn't been created yet? Simply go to the browser location bar and type the URL that corresponds to the Title you constructed in Step 1.

So for an article titled Super_Person, type in

Step 3: After the page loads, click the "Edit" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Step 4: Choose a template for your article. Most articles will use a template, which helps keep the page looking clean and the data for each article structured. The most important templates are:

   * person
   * place
   * team
   * event
   * species
   * object 
   * disambiguation
   * topic

When you click "Edit" on your page, the first thing you'll see is a list of templates to choose from.

Click on the appropriate one; template text will pre-fill into the edit box. Start your page by filling in the data requested.

Ok, your article is basically done now, but there are a few things you can to do that will help your new article.

1. Add Images — This makes the article a lot more lively. See Help:Images for detailed instructions.

2. Add Categories to Your Article — Simply type [category:**whatever the category name is**] at the bottom of your article. For example, [category:X-Men] puts the article in the X-Men category.

3. Create Redirects — It's a good idea to create redirects from common misspellings, the character's real name, and other things that should link to the character but don't. See help:redirects for detailed instructions.