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Marvel Universe 



Posting and Approvals

In order to maintain the accuracy of Marvel Universe, posts are reviewed by a group of Marvel editors, OHOTMU[1] writers, and other users who have actively and accurately posted to the Marvel Universe Wiki in the past. The decisions of approvers are final – even if you don't agree with them. If you have questions about why a post was or was not approved, ask it on the discussion page for that article. For more on how articles are reviewed see Help:Reviewing_articles.

Getting Started

If you're new to the Marvel Universe Wiki, see the Getting Started page in the help section.

Language, Tone and Content

Language and Tone

Keep all language neutral, factual, brief and informative. Focus on the facts as presented in our comics (or movies, video games, or tv shows if appropriate) not your personal opinions of them. Marvel has the best fans anywhere, so this goes without saying, but vulgar, abusive, offensive, racist, defamatory, or other inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Marvel reserves the right to permanently block users who break these rules. (Actually we have the right to block users for any reason we see fit but it wouldn't be any fun for us to do that). If you have questions about these see our site terms and conditions.


The best way to have a new profile or edit to an existing profile approved is if you do the research and writing yourself, and cite your sources as per above. Plagiarism is strongly frowned upon here at, and any posts found to have been copied or paraphrased from other sources (including all non-Marvel sites such as Wikipedia) will be rejected and could result in a ban.

Grammar, Usage and Style

Please use all that spelling and grammar that you were taught but slept through in school. Avoid slang, jargon, IM chat speak, smileys, L33t speak and the like. Basically:

  • "Spider-Man can cling to most surfaces, has superhuman strength and is roughly 15 times faster than a regular human." = good
  • "Spid3y R00lz!" = bad

Don't refer to things such as series titles, issue numbers, story arcs, pages, panels, etc. directly in the history text. Write from a neutral standpoint, as if you're in the Marvel Universe witnessing the events firsthand.

Keep in mind that many different people read the Marvel Universe Wiki, from long time fans to people who have very little exposure to Marvel's characters. Use the main character bio to tell the broad arcs of a character's life — the main points of the character's story and the distinguishing features of what makes that character special. For detailed explorations into different parts of a character's life, use "topic" pages.

It's also usually a good idea to wait for a story arc to finish before adding any information about it to a profile. This will save you having to potentially rewrite entries as the arc progresses (and it won't spoil the story for other readers).

See also Help:Writing_Compelling_Articles for more useful tips.

Formatting Articles

Article Types

There are six basic article types and corresponding templates:

  • person — articles about the heroes, villains and the everyday folks which inhabit the Marvel Universe
  • place — articles about places (buildings, cities, countries, planets, etc.) in the Marvel Universe
  • team — articles about teams and organizations in the Marvel Universe
  • event — articles about things that have occurred in the Marvel Universe
  • species — articles about species (including aliens, pantheons and sub-species like mutants) which inhabit the Marvel Universe
  • object — articles about things in the Marvel Universe that aren't any of the above

Each of the basic article types has a template to help standardize articles of the same type. (See Help:New_articles for more information on article templates.)

There are also a couple of free-form article types used in the Marvel Universe Wiki:

  • Disambiguation Pages — Articles which help sort out other articles, primarily when two characters share the same or similar names (see help:disambiguation)
  • Topic Pages — Articles which address a specific subject in greater detail than can fit on one of the main article page types (ex. Captain America in WWII or The Avengers between Disassembled and Civil War)

Article Length

Person, place, team, species, object and event articles should all be no more than 1000 words. The goal of a main article is to give a concise history of a character (or place, team etc.), not to detail every exploit that the character performed.

If you find your article going beyond 1000 words, consider spinning off one or more sections into a topic page. Even a short, stubby topic page is preferable to an interminable main page. Using topic pages will keep the main article clean and give users the opportunity to contribute by fleshing out the topic page later on.


All entries and edits must be sourced from published Marvel comics. This means you must not post Internet rumors, things you heard in a creator interview, blog posts, storylines from previews or preview art, or something you heard from some guy who says he totally knows the roommate of the cousin of some editor at Marvel. If the text of your post cannot be justified through direct source material, it won't get approved.

If you mention a particular incident or event in an article that can be sourced to a specific single comic, you may add an in-line citation in the body of the article (see Help:Citations).

Your chances of having a post approved increase greatly if you (a) include the source in the summary of your edit (the little box that says "summary" right below the edit window, (b) you mention the material in the discussion page for that article, and (c) add in-line citations when appropriate.

When beginning work on a new entry, you should go back and re-read appearances of the character you're profiling and, if necessary, take notes. If you're editing an existing profile, then make sure you have the necessary issues at hand to refer to when necessary.

Linking to Other Articles

You can link to other articles simply by putting brackets two brackets around the title of the target article (ex. [[X-Men]] links to X-Men).

You only need to link the first instance of a particular name in the profile. Please ensure to link to the correct entry; ie, if you're wanting to link to the Peter Parker Spider-Man profile, link to "Spider-Man (Peter Parker)" (sans quotes). If in doubt, check on the category pages to see what a particular profile's title is.

When reviewing a profile, links to profiles/articles that already exist will show as blue links, while links to those yet to be created will show as red links.

Bibliography Formatting

The typical format for the Significant Issues section is: event (series #issue, year). When referencing multiple issues, the typical format is: event (series #issue/series #issue, year/year). If the year of publication is the same for all referenced issues, only list it once. That is: (series #issue/series #issue, year).

When referencing a specific series of a particular title, put the year of publication in parentheses at the end. Don't list "Vol. 1" or "(1st series)" or the similar.

If in doubt about how to list something in a bibliography, check out the Wolverine profile currently online.

Image Guidelines

See help:Images.