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Redirects, as their name suggests, route people to another page on the site. They are useful for doing the following:

  • Sending people to the correct page when a page has been created with a misspelled name or title. As noted in Help:New_Articles, page titles are also a key part of their corresponding URLs. So, a redirect means that the URL redirects to
  • Sending people to the correct page when a page title is ambiguous due to incorrect capitalization (so X-men redirects to X-Men)
  • Sending people to the correct article page from some other common (but incorrectly formatted) way that people write a character's name (so Thing redirects Thing_(Benjamin_Grimm))

Redirects help keep the Wiki clean and organized by eliminating extraneous pages and helping people find the information they're looking for.

If you're creating a new redirect, start a new page (see Help:New_Article), write #REDIRECT [[pagename]] at the top of the page, where pagename is the name of the target page. When you save the page you will see the redirect pointing to the new page.