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Help:Reviewing Articles


Reviewing Articles

This section is meant for primarily editors and people with the rights to review articles.

Article Versions

Each article has two states: the draft and the approved state. The approved state is the version of the article which has been reviewed and rated by a Marvel Universe Wiki moderator or Marvel staff member. The draft state is the version of the article that encompasses all revisions to the article since it was last reviewed (so if three edits were made to an article since it was last reviewed, you'll see the content of all three edits).

In general, editors see the draft state by default, everyone else sees the approved state by default (although anyone can click through to either version).

Approval Panel

A small panel appears at the top of an article showing you which article state you are looking at. If the most recent draft of an article has been approved, you won't see the widget on the article page.

Both versions of the panel have expanded views which give you more information about the changes that have been made since the last review and the current rating of the article.

Rating Articles

In order for a revision to be approved, an editor or member of Marvel staff must rate it. To rate a revision, you must be logged in as an editor and take the following steps:

  • Click on "compare" or "nn changes" in the edit panel.
  • When the page loads you will see several dropdowns followed by a comparison of the changes made to the article with the previous version.
  • You can rate the revision along several dimensions: accuracy, depth, and readability.
  • Accuracy — Is the article accurate? Does it cite its sources?
  • Depth — Does the article discuss its subject with the requisite amount of detail?
  • Readability — Is the article fun to read? Is it the appropriate length?
  • For an article to be approved, it must be rated as "acceptable" in all three dimensions. Articles rated high enough will be flagged as "quality" articles. Articles with very high ratings will be flagged as "Fantastic."
  • We may give special incentives to writers who write Fantastic articles. Just saying.

Revisions by users who have rights to approve articles are automatically approved.

What If I Just Want to Get Rid of a Revision?

To delete a revision do the following:

  • Click on the article tools icon (the little wrench in the upper right-hand corner of the article).
  • Click on "history."
  • If you're an editor you'll see a list of revisions. If the revision you want to get rid of is the most recent one, click "rollback" next to the revision. If it's an older one, click "undo."