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Marvel Universe 

Hulk's rampage

Hulk fitted his defeated foes with Obedience Disks just like the ones he and the other gladiators on Sakaar were forced to wear and made them battle one another in order to experience the ordeal he was put through. It wasn't until the Hulk prevented Mister Fantastic from killing Tony Stark during one of the gladiator matches that he revealed his true intentions. Hulk claimed he came home for justice, not murder, but Hulk did not want the world to forget what he felt their heroes truly were: liars, traitors and killers. No matter how many times Stark or Richards tried to explain they had nothing to do with the shuttle explosion that killed his adopted home world, the Hulk would not listen.

A nearly insane Sentry arrived on the scene and a cataclysmic battle ensued between him and Hulk. Sentry unleashed forces that nearly destroyed what was left of New York, but ultimately, Hulk averted disaster by defeating him. Having reverted back to the form of Bruce Banner, it seemed that war had come to an end. However, Miek had other plans. Miek tried to injure Banner, so he would transform back to his gamma powered counterpart, but Rick Jones pushed Banner out of the way only to have Miek's spear thrust through his body.

Miek got what he wanted, and Banner did turn back into the Hulk but it was only because he intended to destroy the Hive King for stabbing his friend. Miek explained it was his plan to let Hulk think the heroes of Earth destroyed Sakaar. He watched men loyal to the Red King loaded an old warp core onto the Hulk's shuttle in hopes that it would kill him. Suddenly faced with the truth Hulk's anger was completely out of control, and he told the heroes he would hate them forever because this would never have happened if not for their interference. He also told Tony Stark to stop him because he hated himself as well for his part in the destruction.