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Marvel Universe 

Hulk (Cosmos Automation)


Marvel Universe

Real Name
The Cosmos Automation

Cosmic Hulk

No dual identity


Place of Birth
created by Galactus

First Appearance
Eternals #14 (1977)

Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk #1 (2010)

Created to be a servant of the world devouring Galactus, the Cosmos Automation found a suitable form to house its immense power resembling the mightiest mortal on Earth. In this body it is known as the Cosmic Hulk.


Cosmic Origins

Originally created to serve only one master – Galactus – the Cosmos Automation would travel the universe searching for adequate planets for its master to devour. Upon reaching a desirable world, it would seek out a body able to properly contain it before preparing that world for Galactus' arrival. The Cosmos Automation was designed to break down a planet's defenses so its global absorption would be an easy task. Many worlds were able to manipulate the programming of this artificial life form – some even sending it against its creator, slowing his feeding considerably – and Galactus abandoned the program after thirty millennia. It was at that time he began to choose heralds to perform the same function.

Eternal Clash

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When the Cosmos Automation reached Earth, it found Professor Gregson Gilbert and compelled him to construct a vessel for it. Gilbert would go on to build the monster known as Dragon Man, but the assembly would not meet its standards. The villain, Diablo, would be the one to give Dragon Man life instead. The cosmic entity sought out another who had more experience in building androids, and the Mad Thinker chose the form of the Hulk for the servant of Galactus to inhabit. Although adequate to house the Cosmos Automation, the Mad Thinker locked his creation away as distrust from being unsure why he built it plagued his mind. Years later, two students found the robot and wanted to use it as a school mascot. Unattended, the Cosmic Hulk absorbed an unnatural blast of energy caused by a group of advanced beings called the Eternals and became active. The National Guard tried to stop it but was unsuccessful. The task fell to the Eternals to undo what they had done, but three of their number – Ikaris, Sersi and Makkari – were unable to halt the mechanism's rampage. The victory went to their leader, Zuras, who siphoned the energy Cosmic Hulk was using to sustain its life. The Eternals took the non-functioning robot with them to Olympia and stored it there.

New Masters, New Foes

When the Leader gathered a group of evil geniuses together to form the Intelligencia, they infiltrated Olympia in search of the Library of Alexandria. Once inside, they not only took the intellectual knowledge they found, but some armaments as well – Cosmic Hulk included. Finally, after months of reprogramming, the Intelligencia had a powerful Hulk construct ready to serve their fiendish desires.

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The Red Hulk, a former ally of the Intelligencia, infiltrated one of their secret bases in search of a reported doomsday device. He was followed by A-Bomb, who didn't trust Red Hulk enough to let him out of his sight. What they couldn't know was Cosmic Hulk was the ticking time bomb that would give their enemies the edge they needed. Frozen like a statue in the center of the room, Cosmic Hulk stood next to a pedestal holding a golden disk. A-Bomb was smart enough to realize it was a data disk and began to hear the origins of the impostor Hulk. His massive red colleague wasn't in the mood for a history lesson and smashed the pedestal, but his impetuousness would prove to be his undoing. Inching a little too close to the automation, Red Hulk unwittingly brought Cosmic Hulk to life when the robot absorbed some of the radiation flowing through Red Hulk's body. The mechanism immediately grabbed him to siphon off more power, and tossed Red Hulk aside like he was nothing. Red Hulk and A-Bomb charged Cosmic Hulk, but for all their strength and power, they were ineffective in dealing with the creature. Cosmic Hulk soundly defeated both opponents before proceeding to his next target. Soon after the robot Hulk's departure, the Leader and M.O.D.O.K. informed Red Hulk he played right into their hands. Without his energies, Cosmic Hulk would have never been activated.


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The next stop on Cosmic Hulk's itinerary was Latveria – home to the fearsome Doctor Doom. Long ago, Doom betrayed the Intelligencia, and they have waited for the precise moment to pay him back in full. Cosmic Hulk stormed his castle and pounded Doom with a fury only matched by his real life counterpart, but Doom is not to be underestimated. He fought back and siphoned the energies powering the robot, rendering him inert. In doing so, Doom fell into the Leader's trap and absorbed a neural anesthetizer – essentially a dumb ray. Doom’s intelligence was dwindling by the second, and as soon as he couldn't even remember how to control his own armor, Banner activated Cosmic Hulk once more. Taking his aggression out on everyone present, Cosmic Hulk would have killed Banner and Skaar if not for a potent energy shield of Banner's own creation. Cosmic Hulk left Latveria, taking Doom with him, thereby fulfilling his mission.

Rematch with the Red Hulk

The automation was present on the Hellcarrier when Red Hulk had plans of shutting down the Intelligencia's operation. After the Gammadroid and M.O.D.O.K. softened the red behemoth up, Cosmic Hulk finished the job and put him down for the count - enabling the Intelligencia to redirect much of the Red Hulk's energy to create an army of Hulks.

Military Weapon

Somehow the Cosmic Hulk wound up in a facility for experimental weapons owned by the U.S. government. A missile designed to interact with cosmic particles went haywire and the robot absorbed some of its energy, becoming active and incredibly violent. The task of shutting it down again was placed on the capable shoulders of the newly resurrected Glenn Talbot – actually a Life Model Decoy controlled by the Leader - who managed to get close enough to insert a Ram neural processor into its mouth to achieve victory. The government's intentions were to field test the robot against new technology and apply what they learn to the real Hulk.

Last Stand

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During the final battle between the Hulks and the Intelligencia, Cosmic Hulk ended up back on the Hellcarrier and found a seemingly defeated "Thunderbolt" Ross. It is unclear if the robot was acting on its own or through direct orders, but it threatened to squeeze the life out of Ross until Ross drained much of the radiation inside Cosmic Hulk. Upon doing so, Ross transformed back into the Red Hulk and tore the Cosmic Hulk robot in two. It has yet to be revealed if the Cosmos Automation will find a new body to inhabit.

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