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Marvel Universe 

Hulk (Ultimate Bruce Banner's clone)

Hulk (Ultimate Bruce Banner's clone)



Real Name

Banner, Nerd Hulk


Not applicable

Place of Birth
S.T.R.I.K.E. laboratory

First Appearance
Ultimate Avengers #3 (2009)

Ultimate Avengers #3 (2009)

When Nick Fury put together a team of Ultimates for the sole purpose of capturing the Red Skull, he went to Gregory Stark for help. One of the operatives Stark had in mind was a cloned version of the Hulk possessing the monster's strength but his alter-ego's intelligence – codenamed: Nerd Hulk.

This version of the Hulk was extremely sensitive with little to no fighting experience in the field. His lack of ability was demonstrated when he attempted to detain a rogue Captain America but was sucker-punched to the groin, and Cap got away. Nerd Hulk hunted the Skull along with the others, but when the Skull had managed to get a hold of a Cosmic Cube, his intelligence initially overrode his sense of duty making him want to run away for fear of death. Still, he tried his best and even got close enough to the Red Skull as the villain enraged him by throwing insults his way, but mere strength was no match for the power of the cube. Nerd Hulk was blasted off the battlefield.

Sometime later, Hulk spoke with Captain America about becoming part of the public Ultimates team, but he was told that would never happen. When he asked why Captain America told him it's because he fights like a lady scientist, and Hulk took it as he was being told he was incompetent. That night he left the base and went out on his own. He was ambushed by a group of vampires, including one wearing an older version of armor created by Tony Stark. Hulk tried to defend himself but couldn't, and he was turned into one of them. The first victim to fall to Hulk was Stick, the mentor of Daredevil. He became more confident with each victory and finally challenged for leadership of the clan. Still thought of as a joke, the Hulk surprised everyone when he took the vampire leader’s head off with one punch and solidified his position as their new leader. Hulk led the attack on the Triskelion and would not stop until he destroyed Nick Fury. With hundreds of vampires in his army the Hulk seemed close to victory, but Captain America used Perun’s hammer to teleport the Triskelion halfway around the world to the desert where the hot sun caused all the vampires to burst into flames, Nerd Hulk included.

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